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My name is Natalie Merkher. My parents are Russian immigrants who embarked into the unknown with two young daughters. We lived in Austria, Italy and finally came to the US when I was 13 years old. This experience taught me how to adapt, survive and flourish in the environments that were foreign and unwelcoming. Since initially I had no knowledge of any language other than Russian, I began to study body language and facial expressions to understand the world around me. I began studying psychology in High school, which I graduated at 16 – a year early. In college, I continued my study of psychology, but I also became very interested in Computer Science and Management. Since, when I was growing up, my family was always struggling to make ends meet, my goal was to achieve financial security. I started working in Information Technology and spent over 20 years in the corporate world. I achieved the professional and financial goals I strived for.

Then my world turned upside down. I became very sick. Within one month I went from a very healthy and successful professional to being hours away from dying. By the time I was admitted to a hospital and diagnosed with Wilson’s Disease (a genetic disorder) I only had 48 hours to live. Wilson’s Disease prevents your body from metabolizing copper, and for me it collected in, and then destroyed, my liver. My body was shutting down, my lungs collapsed and my kidneys failed. Doctors gave me a very slim chance of survival. Even after I surpassed everyone’s expectations, and woke up from a comma after the liver transplant surgery, I was told that I probably would not walk again and that my kidneys will need to be supported by dialysis. But here I am, years later - not only do I walk, I run 5 miles daily and dialysis is a horror of a distant memory.

My journey to healing and to my current state of happiness and tranquility was extremely challenging. Starting with my knowledge of psychology, I continued to evolve my understanding by learning from many traditional and non-traditional sources.  I am a member of the International Coach Federation - ICF is the leading global organization, dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high standards for professionalism and ethics.

Some people feel sorry for me after hearing my story; I, however, feel privileged. The knowledge and understanding I attained are priceless. I achieved the level of contentment I could not even dream of.

Everything starts with the state of mind – a successful business, healing, personal life, and relationships. I got married while I was still in college. Some say that marriages at such a young age have a low success rate, but I believe that knowledge and understanding of human nature is the key to any successful relationship. After 27 years of marriage, 3 children, and all my health issues, my husband and I are more in love than ever.

I got a second chance at life. Now I am using it to help others on their journeys, guiding them towards finding balance and happiness in their lives.

Our potential is unimaginably great - we just need to know how to unlock it.


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